We show you the beauties of Ticino, its fascinating valleys, castles, the Swiss Miniatur, the modern churches of Botta and Lake Maggiore. You will discover Ticino lifestyle thanks to the welcoming "Grotto" of Ticino, where you can taste the local dishes and the famous Merlot wine.

Our excursions can be modified according to your wish, it will be a pleasure to organize individual group trips (starting from 5 people).

The trips are subject to a minimum participation of 8 people.

Departures: Ascona - Autosilo Meeting time as per excursion / Locarno - SBB station in front of the Bar Porto restaurant as per excursion.

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From 13.00 to 17.00

The Vallemaggia is not just the longest and mostly spread out valley of the Italian part of Switzerland: it’s a fantastic alpine valley which has been modeled throughout the years by the clear waters of the river Maggia.

The same generous river that during the summer time is specially appreciated for it’s refreshing powers. The side valleys Val Bavona, Val Lavizzara and Val Rovana increase the territory value with their spectacular mountains – an appealing attraction for excursionists and explorers. A magical atmosphere, surrounded by wild nature, water, stone, history and culture is the special ingredient added to the simple but just fantastic food offered at the numerous “grotti”. A destination which should be discovered and rediscovered the whole year round.



Dalle 13.00 alle 17.00

The Verzasca Valley is without a doubt one of the Ticino valleys, which strongly reflects the past of the alpine region to the south of the Gotthard. An idyllic place surrounded by green landscapes but still only a few minutes drive to the town centre.

The emerald green river which runs in the valley is very tempting and especially appreciated in summer for its refreshing powers. You will find the most varied forms of stones in all sizes.



From 09.00 to 13.00

Luino, a pretty little town on the shore of Maggiore Lake, can be reached by car from Gambarogno, passing through the customs checkpoint at Dirinella, or by boat from Locarno, Ascona or Brissago.

Goods of every kind can be purchased from its internationally renowned market: from groceries to clothes, flowers and accessories of different types. There are always a large number of stalls selling fresh cheeses, cold meats and lake fish, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. Visitors will also find clothes of all kinds for sale, from jeans to jumpers, pyjamas, socks, tights, shoes, underwear and hats. There is also an extensive selection of leather goods, such as bags of different shapes and sizes, belts and jackets, and all sorts of accessories.



From 09.30 to 17.00

If you want to have an overview of Switzerland and spend a nice time in a wonderful region, do not miss Swissminiatur, an exciting place and a must see attraction for everyone visiting Switzerland.

In an area of 14,000 m2 visitors can admire more than 120 models at scale of 1:25 which represent the most important buildings, monuments and transportation means in Switzerland. A 3,560m long model railway with 18 trains runs through the park. It is fascinating to watch the variety of trains that run along the tracks, cross bridges and stop by at stations. Boats are also in motion on the lakes, cable cars and funiculars go up and down the mountains and cars move along the highway.



From 08.00 to 18.00

Milan, the world capital of fashion and design, is a metropolis of Northern Italy and is the capital of Lombardy. Headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, it is a financial hub that is also famous for exclusive restaurants and shops. The Gothic Cathedral and the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses the fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, testify to the city's artistic and cultural heritage.

FRIDAY 12.04.2019 / 19.04.2019 e 26.04.2019

Botanical garden of Gambarogno

From 09.00 to 13.00

This magnificent botanic garden is located on the Gambarogno-side of Lake Maggiore, on a plain in the hills between Piazzogna and Vairano. In this place, Otto Eisenhut, a patient and talented cultivator of plants and trees, cultivated thousands of beautiful and colourful flowering plants like 950 types of camelias, 450 different magnolias, azaleas, peonies and Rhododendron on a surface of more than 20'000 m2.

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Is Bosco Gurin the most authentic village of Ticino? Or is it the most unusual settlement of the region? We say it is both! The only “German-speaking” settlement in Ticino is one of Switzerland’s most charming villages. The unique typical wooden and rock built “Walser”houses and the particular stalls scattered around the nucleus mark the village scape of Bosco Gurin. They are a living testimony of the Alpine ‘Walser’ population that more than seven centuries ago (in 1253) colonized the valley, coming from Valais.

Situated on 1503 meters above sealevel above the Maggia valley, it is the highest mountain village in Ticino.

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from 09.00 to 13.00

Cannobio is the first town encountered over the border when travelling from Brissago. You can get there by car, passing through the customs checkpoint at Madonna di Ponte, or by boat from Locarno or Brissago.

It is home to one of the region’s most typical markets. Foods of all kinds can be found there, including cheeses from this region and the whole of Italy, cold cuts and meats of all types, and fresh fish from the lake. A wide range of different breads are available, with a good selection of specialities such as salted bread and focaccias. Vegetables, fruit and flowers are also always available in abundance.